Even Pageant Girls need to polish their prose sometimes and I've been honored to work with a some very prestigious Queens.

Jennifer McMahan, Mrs. Michigan United States 2013

Jennifer McMahan is Mrs. Michigan United States 2013 and an Official Ambassador for Champions Against Bullying

It was a pleasure working with her as she prepared for the Mrs. United States 2013 Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada

"Nola, you absolutely Rock at what you do. Thank you for helping me prepare for Nationals and getting the Web Site looking awesome. You are the best!"

Jennifer McMahan
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Stephanie Hunt, Mrs. Michigan America 2010, Mrs. United States 2007 and Mrs. Michigan United States 2007, continues to wow the pageant world with her uncanny ability to produce pageants that are both successful and deliver winners at local, State, and International levels. Right now, Stephanie is the Director of the Mrs. Michigan United States Pageant and the President and CEO of MWI International, The Premier Pageant for Women Over 35.

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