Just a few of my favorite projects & authors!

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Dahlia's Bouquet by Tammara Aguado

Tammara Aguado’s debut novel,
Dahlia’s Bouquet is an Indie Excellence Book Awards Finalist and brings to life the heartache and struggles inherent in every family whose foundation is built on secrecy and deception. Five generations of women strong, the story begins in early 1900 Memphis with Daisy, a young bride full of hope and dreams for the future and ends in present day with Dahlia, a teen whose future is hopelessly stalled by the mystery of her past. Aguado has very successfully spun a tale of intrigue, love, fear, hope, struggle and desire—a tale that could inspire or frighten us—if we have secrets of our own to keep.


You've read this great book and now it's time to let your imagination go to work and tell us who you think would be the perfect actor to bring each one to life. Who can make them leap off the screen with the same power they leap off the page? Think big and assign the roles! It's time for you to


Dahlia's Bouquet is available on Amazon
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Lily Lick's Love Signs by Lily Lick
(Warning! Adult Content)

The Big Boys & Girls guide to how things work between the Signs of the Zodiac. Discover the ins and outs of each Sign, what makes them tick; what turns them on, what turns them off and what happens when they get together with everyone else and you get together with them.

Written with humor and insight Lily gives you the goods about yourself and your partner(s); information that'll fuel your imagination and show you the limitless possibilities for dirty fun that are right in front of you, next to you, and across from you on the Zodiac Wheel. Everyone wants to be the best and know just what to do to, or with a lover. But is that enough? Lily Lick’s Love Signs tells you why they like it. ...Don’t you want to know?

Lily Lick's Love Signs is available on Amazon
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The Mammoth Book of Quick & Dirty Erotica
(Warning! Adult Content)

Over 130 short, short erotic stories of about 1,500 words each, or over 500 pages of outstanding erotica in bite-sized pieces, exploring the full range of human sensual and sexual experience.

Each one of eight sections is devoted to a specific erotic kink, providing an astonishing diversity of erotica between the covers of one book. Despite its length, this short-form erotica from the world's leading writers remains inventive, provocative, sensual, and above all intelligent. These are sexual adventures to intrigue, shock, puzzle, and both scare and arouse.

Lily Lick has two selections included here: Barbados Bound and Mad Ida Loved the Wind. The tables are turned when a lone traveller meets a world weary but wise and sexy boat tour operator on the tropical island of Barbados and the edges of reality and love are tested when Ida begins to believe that the only thing that can set her free is the wind.

The Mammoth Book of Quick & Dirty Erotica is available on Amazon
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The Very Simple Law of Attraction: Find out what you really want from life ...and get it by Marie Diamond

Discovering true desires in life and reaching goals faster is made easier with this manual that provides tips on making a home's environment more loving and cozy and an office space more centered and empowering. With instructions on how to surround oneself with positive images for the mind—and showing how negative ones can sneak into a space—this guide helps alter the energy of a room, changing one's attitude as well as others who are in it. This Feng Shui method teaches how to focus on what one's desires are, how to create an attractive environment that supports them, and that doing so will help you to continue to achieve positive results.

Working on this with Marie Diamond was fun and informative in a very Feng Shui kind of way. I was able to make some physical changes to my "space" and in doing so brought about some spiritual and emotional changes within.

The Very Simple Law of Attraction is available on Amazon